Busting memory myths on TV

Reading Time: < 1 minute I popped on to This Morning to dispel some common memory myths, promote my upcoming TV show -‘Can I improve my Memory‘ (Channel 4, Thursday 15th July) and battle some spectacularly hyperbolic captions. This is how it went…

Memorable dreams

Reading Time: 2 minutes It isn’t just because our dreams are more interesting than our actual lives that they’re so worth remembering. There’s a further advantage: detailed dream-memory fosters the understanding that can enable us to recognize our dreams as they occur. … Read more Memorable dreams

How to design epic online parties

Reading Time: 25 minutes Parties are at the heart of most of what is good in human life: love, friendship, transcendence, escape, spiritual exploration, fun, desire, music, dance, open-mindedness. It’s obviously therefore of great importance that we continue partying despite physical distancing. … Read more How to design epic online parties

Ed Cooke

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