Taking Burning Man Online with the Sparkleverse.

Reading Time: 13 minutes Burning Man is Going Online To many of those who co-create it every year, Burning Man isn’t just the best party in the world, it’s the best place in the world. For the sole purpose of the experience of doing so, seventy thousand people engage in the pleasurable inconvenience of conjuring an ephemeral city in a … Read more Taking Burning Man Online with the Sparkleverse.

How to design epic online parties

Reading Time: 25 minutes Parties are at the heart of most of what is good in human life: love, friendship, transcendence, escape, spiritual exploration, fun, desire, music, dance, open-mindedness. It’s obviously therefore of great importance that we continue partying despite physical distancing. But how to host decent parties online? First-rate theoretical analysis has revealed that there are ten universal … Read more How to design epic online parties

Towards a General Theory of Parties

Reading Time: 10 minutes Parties are the highest form of human art and the purest arena for self-expression. For millennia, festivals, booze-ups, house parties, birthdays, feasts, lock-ins, weddings, wakes, raves, dances, and religious rituals of all different shapes and sizes have been the pre-eminent conduits in people’s lives for love, transcendence, friendship, intellectual progress, and spiritual celebration. Parties structure … Read more Towards a General Theory of Parties

Laughter Meditation with Larraji

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had the pleasure of going to a brief but masterfully delivered laughter meditation class at the Serpentine Gallery this last weekend by “musician, mystic and laughter meditation practitioner, Laraaji” who lead a series of workshops during the opening days of the Grace Wales Bonner exhibition that has since become a lasting shrine of sound. Here is a … Read more Laughter Meditation with Larraji

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