Hi, I’m Ed, welcome to my site.

My life’s mission is to expand consciousness in every possible way. I’m a cognitive scientist, memory specialist and entrepreneur.

I found memory techniques during a spell in hospital at age 18. With some extra time on my hands, I decided to do something life-changing – I read a book of memory techniques and I started actually using them. While I was at university I started entering competitions, and in 2003 I entered the World Memory Championships where I became a Grandmaster of Memory.

In 2006, I won the US Memory Championships and met the journalist Josh Foer who was covering the event. I became his coach and trained him to compete himself. The following year, he entered, and won the US Memory Championships – events described in his bestselling book ‘Moonwalking with Einstein’.

In 2007, I published the book “Remember, Remember” with Penguin – a colourful introduction to classical memory techniques and narratives.

I co-founded the award-winning language learning app Memrise in 2010. Memrise has more than 50 million signups, with users in every corner of the planet, and was winner of Google Play’s App of the year in 2017. We have innovated in the ed-tech space, pioneering spaced repetition, on-device image recognition, short video content, and open applied science.

Selected publications and media appearances:

Remember, Remember, Learn the Stuff you Thought you Never Could (book) (2008)

Total Recall (The Guardian, 2008)

Is Trilled Smell Possible? How the Structure of Olfaction determines the phenomenology of Smell (with Erik Myin in the Journal of Consciousness Studies) 2011

The Importance of Observation (the Guardian, Jan 2012)

Word up: how to improve and enlarge your vocabulary (the Guardian, 2014)

Let a Grandmaster of Memory teach you something you’ll never forget (the Guardian, 2015 )

Learning a second language isn’t just good for your brain—it’s good for democracy, too (Quartz, 2017)

How to learn: boost your brain with a trip down memory lane (the Guardian, October 2018)

Selected Talks

A talk at Wired where I memorised the phone numbers of 400 audience members

Learning is a Game: Ed Cooke at TEDx Thessaloniki (2013)

What’s next for the online learning revolution? | Ed Cooke | TEDx LSE (2015)

Learning technologies of the past and future | Internetdagarna (2018)

Experiential Learning– TedX Venice Beach (2019)

Selected TV appearances