Some memories hold you back. Here’s how to refresh.

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We often assume we see the world just it is; but many examples suggest that we’re highly constrained by our own memories in what we experience. It’s a bit like the world is rehearsed. 

By confusing your memory, however, you can counteract this tendency, and perceive the world anew. It comes down to breaking from the comforts of routine. Here are four suggested ways you might upset invisible routine, and thus memory, to so see the world clearer.  

1) Sleep with your head at the wrong end of the bed: on waking up, your memory will be lost for words and give you a half-second or so of pure perception- where you may notice, for instance, that your curtains are ugly and need replacing. 

2) Eat dinner at breakfast time: it’ll be uncomfortable, but interesting: you’ll perhaps notice that your sense of the difference between morning and evening is based mainly on the distinction between corn flakes and macaroni cheese. 

3) Re-arrange your furniture: when a room is reconfigured, the very objects themselves can be seen anew.

4) Go nocturnal, and check out commuters in your new (7 a.m.) evenings. You’ll perhaps notice new things.

Once you’ve felt the power of a simple refresh like this, you can have spectacular fun finding tiny ways to incorporate a change of perspective into your routines and habits so that they never become an immovable constraint and you remain free to transcend them when necessary.

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